ART 'Sex Sells' by Daniil Bayushev, Paris. Models (A.B.A. Group): Paramonova Viktoriya, Yaroslavtseva Valeriya, Jurchenko Nadezhda. Door Studios presents ‘Sex Sells’ — a private collection by Moscow photographer Daniil Bayushev.  An outstandingrepresentative of modern Russian photography — Daniil’s work has been recognized by some of the most significant photography contests and festivals in Russia. His private exhibits are always a huge success and his works can be found in the collections of The Russian Museum, The Moscow Museum of Modern Art and The Moscow House of Photography. ‘Sex Sells’ consists of three series of works, created over the last three years and assembled as a unique project that attempts to reach new conceptual extremes by breaking traditional rules and initiating a new discussion about the female form.  In his show, the author avoids direct angles of the sensuous, preferring instead to demonstrate his own perception. The exhibit will be displayed at the Door Studios in Paris throughout the Month of Photography, until 13th December, with Quintessentially and the Moscow House of Photography acting as official partners. Quintessentially will be hosting a private Member's cocktail event on 2nd December, to celebrate the exhibit. For more information or to RSVP, please contact your Member Assistant.

Различные товары для животных: корм для собак, корм для кошек быстрая доставка по Москве и области
Курсы английского языка, обучение в Англии, летние каникулы за рубежом
Медицинские, тенические двери, противопожарные двери в Москве от группы компаний ТРК
Строительство, проектирование, дизайн, ремонт квартиры и ремонт офисов в Москве от Интек
Мансардные окна VELUX, битумная черепица IKO в Минске от компании Филипп

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